Penetration Testing

Penetration test simulates cyberattacks to check for vulnerabilities in your computer system. It measures the feasibility of the system and the impact of an attack on involved operations.

We do

Authorization Testing
We conduct manual and automated authorization tests on your software. Many potential threats can be mitigated if the loopholes in the authorization are diagnosed early.
Manual Penetration Testing
Our expert engineers do the penetration tests manually. With our seasoned eyes, we can perceive the risks inherent in the system. Timely remedying these flaws can safeguard your system from malicious hackers.
Automated Testing
We test your systems with automated softwares like Acunetix, Burp Suite, Nessus and open-source testing tools. Automated penetration testing makes sure that no stone remains unturned.
Finding compromised remote users and servers
We perform attacks on your remote users with their consent to find out whether their systems are hacked. This kind of penetration test prevents attackers from gaining access to your server.
Preventing Post-exploitation and Pivoting
In case your system is compromised, our team of experts takes quick action to prevent the attacker from maintaining access to your system. We also take measures to contain the attack and restrict the hacker from gaining access to other systems using the hacked one as a pivot.
Backup and Restore Planning
We assist you in backing up your data. After a security breach, we help you restore it after taking measures to prevent the recurrence of the attack.