Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying security weaknesses in a system using systematic review and ethical hacking. At Codea technologies, we have the expertise to detect these vulnerabilities and remedy them. Hence, after our vulnerability assessment, you can be sure that your system is completely safe.

We Perform Assessments on

DMZ Vulnerability assessment

We assess the strength of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that protects your organization's LAN. If these subnetworks, which link between the internet and private networks, have a flaw, it can compromise your system security.

Remote Access

We assess the range of possible threats to your Remote Access System. Our team ensures that you are not susceptible to unauthorized access and phishing by identifying the security loopholes and remedying them.

Network Security

Our experts perform manual and automated vulnerability assessments on your network to identify the potential threats. We make sure that you are resilient to all forms of cyber threats.

Security components and devices

Identifying the vulnerabilities of your security components is crucial to guarantee cyber resilience. Hence we conduct a thorough vetting of your security system and remedy its shortcomings.


Our security team conducts both manual and automated leak tests on Virtual Private Network (VPN). By enumerating the flaws in the VPN, we can identify potential threats to your data.


With your consent, we conduct a vulnerability assessment on your Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Our seasoned professionals probe the possibility of interception of conversations and likely attacks by spammers.


Servers are susceptible to SQL injection, DOS and Directory attacks, as well as system configuration attacks. With our expertise, we identify these probabilities in your server.


We check the security state of your database by rigorous vulnerability tests. Finding the flaws in the system can greatly help with mitigating potential threats.

Application Assessment

Our seasoned experts conduct basic to advanced vulnerability assessments on your applications. By figuring out the flaws early, we will enable you to rectify them.

Network Mapping

We visually outline your network and devices connected to it. Using these graphics we help you understand the performance of the devices and identify their blemishes.

Server Identification and Related Assessment

We perform OS fingerprinting and identify the client-server. To find security misconfigurations, server weakness and missing security patches, we do system scanning and prepare reports.